Our friend Greg over at WoodenPrints.com and our good Photographer friend Dirk Mai (http://dirkmai.tumblr.com/) have teamed up to bring you this Limited Edition WoodenPrint of Adam and John for our Christmas item this year!

Only (6) prints available on the ENTIRE PLANET EARTH!!! This photo was taken from the 'Tell All Your Friends 10th Anniversary Tour' and features both Adam and his mustache and John. These will be signed by both Adam and John and hand numbered on the back! All proceeds are going to be donated to a Cancer Research Charity of Adam and John's choosing.

They will be shipped in time for Christmas in most cases. Contact greg@woodenprints.com for any questions on ordering or things of that nature. Otherwise stay tuned to www.takingbacksunday.com and have a great Holiday Season and see you all in 2013!!!




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